Liberals are so desperate to get votes any way they can that they have just launched a truly pathetic campaign to allow 16 year-olds to vote.

USA Today reported that Washington D.C. is considering lowering the voting age to 16 by the next presidential election in 2020. The legislation was introduced today by D.C. council member Charles Allen (D-Ward 6), who said he was inspired by the anti-gun high schoolers who flocked to the city for March For Our Lives last month.

Those who support the measure say that a majority of seven of the 13 D.C. council members stand behind the measure.

“I think people are getting excited about this, especially with what’s going on in the nation right now in terms of youth leading social change. So I think that people are going to be very excited about it and want to get on board,” said Alisha Chopra, 18, a senior at School Without Walls.

Of course, liberals only want to lower the voting age because teenagers will overwhelmingly vote liberal. It isn’t until later when they actually have to pay their own bills that they often realize voting conservatively is the smarter way to go.

“We work, we pay taxes, we care for family members, we can drive, we can do so many other things. So, adding voting onto that isn’t going to be that big of a responsibility. We can handle it,” said Alex Shyer, 16.

The voting age has not been changed since 1971, when the 26th Amendment gave people 18 and over the right to vote. This change was made when protests spread during the Vietnam War in which teenagers said it was unfair that they could be drafted yet could not vote.

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