Inspector General Michael Horowitz just went before Congress to testify about the massive crime that Barack Obama’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch committed.

Right Wing News reported that though Lynch claimed to investigators that she never spoke to any members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign team, email have been discovered in which she told Amanda Renteria that she “would not push too deeply” into the investigation of Clinton’s private email server. In these email, Lynch and Renteria also exchanged classified information.

During the House Judiciary hearing, Rep. David Trott (R-Mich.) slammed Lynch for not recusing herself after her infamous tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton days before she announced that Hillary would not be charged. He then asked directly if Lynch met with any members of Hillary’s campaign team during the yearlong investigation.

“I have not spoken to anyone on either the campaign or transition or any staff members affiliated with them,” Lynch replied.

We now know this to be a bold faced lie!

Lynch made the unusual decision that she would accept the FBI’s recommendations in the case, after an impromptu meeting with former president Bill Clinton sparked questions about her impartiality. Lynch happened to run into Bill in Arizona and briefly met with him inside a plane sitting on a tarmac there just before she announced that his wife would not be charged.

After receiving backlash for this meeting, Lynch announced that she would not recuse herself from the matter but would “fully expect to accept” whatever recommendation the FBI made.

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