JUST IN: Reporters took to Twitter on Thursday to say that a medical emergency is unfolding at the White House.

The Daily Caller reported that reporters stated that a “medical emergency” was happening on the White House complex that involved a worker falling. Eamon Javers, a Washington correspondent for CNBC, tweeted that the Secret Service confirmed there was an “emergency” and pointed out the presence of two Hazmat trucks and multiple ambulances.

“Secret Service says there’s a ‘medical emergency’ on the White House complex. Two Hazmat trucks on scene now, multiple ambulances. They brought at least three emergency vehicles through the gates on West Executive Drive. Unclear what’s happening, but it is a robust response,” Javers wrote.

“Here’s the scene now between the White House and Executive Office Building. We are being told a worker fell, but ‘he will be fine,'” he later added.

David Martosko, an editor for the Daily Mail, confirmed that the emergency situation was unfolding.

“Fire trucks outside the OEOB next to the White House. EMS are reporting that someone fell 10 feet. A few rescuers were seen running in with harness equipment,” Martosko wrote.

DC Fire and EMS said that a worker “fell ten feet” and will likely make a full recovery.

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