Ever since Megyn Kelly’s morning show premiered on NBC, network executives have regretted ever signing her, as she has been a huge ratings anchor from the very beginning. Now, things have gotten even worse for Kelly, as her future at NBC is already in jeopardy less than a year after her 9am show premiered.

Life and Style Magazine reported that Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, who host the 10am time slot of “Today,” are pressuring NBC executives to allow them to switch time slots with Kelly. The two are desperate to make this switch because Kelly’s ratings are so bad that she has caused ratings for their show to dip as well.

“Hoda and Kathie Lee told executives that their family-friendly show should be on at 9 a.m. because Megyn’s talk show is not a good fit,” the source explained. “It never really was.”

“They totally support women moving up the ladder, and both agree that Megyn is a great journalist. But all the media coaching in the world won’t make her relatable,” the source continued. “Friends, family, and fans all told Hoda and Kathie Lee that viewers just don’t relate to Megyn. So, Hoda told her bosses — and they listened.”

Since taking over the anchor seat that was anchored by Matt Lauer, Kotb has become extremely popular with viewers, giving her lots of power at NBC.

“In many ways, Hoda stepped in and saved the day at Today, which is what NBC was expecting Megyn to do when they poached her from Fox,” another insider said about Kelly. “The network gave her a shot. But, she’s just not daytime material.”

Kelly thought she was making the best move of her career when she left Fox for NBC, but clearly, she was actually just killing her career.

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