There is one animal that is very precious to the United States that has sadly been nearing extinction for 51 years. That animal is the bald eagle, but thankfully, this majestic animal is making a big comeback under Donald Trump’s leadership!

Right Wing News reported that since 2016, at least four states have experienced record-breaking numbers on bald eagle nests in the wild. Biologists say that this is partly due to the 1972 pesticide ban that was implemented when natural bald eagle pairings were only in the few hundreds. However, they also said that it was due largely to an increase in public awareness, which President Trump played a huge role in.

During Barack Obama’s presidency, the former president spent his time promoting bird killing wind turbines while ignoring the plight of the bald eagle. Trump was not having any of that, and he fought back against Obama by calling for bald eagles to be protected on his Twitter page:

We’re so glad to see that Trump has done everything in his power to save this crucial piece of Americana, and his efforts are paying off big time!

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